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Course introduction

Video editing is one of the most significant post-production processes. It is the process of putting together the segments of video footage and presenting it in a structured format. The internet and social media popularity have augmented video editing and animation. Hence, the application of graphic art, computer-aided designing, illustrations, and even animated videos is inevitable.

At WZaeem Technologies, we provide hands-on professional-level training on industry-lead editing tools like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Our savvy instructor will help you to enhance your editing skills from elementary to professional. Join our video-editing course today, and excel in your editing skills.


Learning Outcome


  • How to set and operate the Adobe Premiere Pro in Adobe after effects training in Lahore
  • How to Work with the Sequence Panel and Timelines
  • How to Import and Insert Media Techniques
  • How to edit the graphics and videos
  • How to work with ripple effects
  • Individual and group training techniques
  • Latest and globally popular software training techniques
  • How to add transition and ending effects
  • How to import and export the output as graphic and video


Course outline

1 Monitor window in detail
2 Timeline window in detail
3 Working with Clips, Trimming Clips and History palette
4 Working with sequences and Using Markers