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WZ covers SEO, SEM, and SMM. WZ focus on the targeted market by combining the best strategy to build your business over the internet, We show the results by determining the goals and tracking them continuously.

What we do in SEO?

Research Audience

  • In-depth reach of the industry
  • Identifying the right target market
  • Determining the most searched elements by the target market
  • Identifying the search methods used by the target market

Building upon Current SEO

  • Identify the existing SEO strategy
  • Tuning the existing strategy
  • Improving multiple aspects of SEO including images

Customized SEO Service

  • Tailoring the service for specific requirements of the client
  • Customized SEO services for industry and target market

Link Building

  • Enhance SEO with effective link building
  • Complying with laws of SEO to add a natural flow
  • Avoid penalization or spamming

Healthy Back Linking

  • Ensuring a healthy back linking setup
  • Avoid links considered unnatural by Google
  • Avoiding any step that puts negative impact on the ranking

Local SEO

  • Building visibility locally
  • Better opportunity for brick and mortar companie